Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home


Maintain your schedule and set specific work hours.  Getting into a good routine helps you to be motivated and efficient.


Take time to set up a designated work-space.  Work in an area that allows you to be productive while limiting distractions.  Select an area that will allow you to work on your computer/laptop in a comfortable and ergonomic posture.  Set it up properly from the start !! THIS IS KEY.


Refrain from “couch slouching” and other non-conventional chairs when working on the computer.  This often leads to a poor work posture/position while increasing musculoskeletal stress and strain.


Take short breaks but refrain from distractions of errands and chores.  Set specific time aside to include micro ergonomic breaks and macro breaks such as stretching or an invigorating walk.


Be mindful of “grazing” in the kitchen, especially unhealthy snacks. Take opportunity to pre-fix healthy snacks of fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated.


Identify a good chair that best fits and supports a seated work position.  If possible, try to find an area that will also allow for periodic standing work positions. When necessary, be creative to fit and support your needs. or 301-417-2077 or

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