Back Injury Prevention Seminar

I. Course Description & Objectives

This employee inter-active seminar runs about 90 minutes and is packed with information on Good vs. Bad back techniques.  The seminar is designed to use the work environment, tools and equipment your employees are currently utilizing.  They will see first hand via demonstrations and real life application how to work SAFER, SMARTER and INJURY FREE.  At the completion of the seminar participants will understand the following objectives:

bullet Anatomy of a Back Injury: “How did this happen?”
bullet Fact vs. Fiction of Back Injuries & Lifting
bullet PPE-Identifying When & What is appropriate
bullet Identify common risk factors of their own work place
bullet Recognize their own posture & position and correct as needed
bullet Problem-solve how to reduce risk factors for specific job tasks
bullet Perform appropriate exercises that are job specific
bullet Perform common job tasks as a group while applying MH principles

II. Corporate Goals:

bullet Decrease worker comp claims, both number and dollar
bullet Help maintain compliance with Health & Safety requirements
bullet Reduce injuries and improve performance/efficiency in the work site
bullet Help return injured workers back to work in a safe and timely manner
bullet Decrease employee turnover and training costs for new employees

III. Costs


All work books, materials and handbooks included


Presented on location during your preferred time period


* All of our programs can be custom designed for all needs.
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