OSHA 10 Hour Compliance Course

I. Course Description*

This 10 hour course follows the OSHA requirements for certification.  Attendees will take a pre-class test followed by the instruction of required and selected OSHA topics.  Each section runs about an hour long and is filled with interactive activities.  Students may practice using a fire extinguisher or choose sides in a legal debate against the OSHA Compliance Officer.  Each training session is designed with examples of the work hazards that you are facing.  Videos are kept to a minimum while class participation and learning activities are optimized.  The 2-day session ends with post class-examination and documentation for receipt of  OSHA General Safety & Health card & certificate.

II. Course Learning Objectives

The OSHA program requires the items on the left side of the chart to be presented.  In addition, 3 more items from the right side must be presented.  Lastly, you may pick up an additional 1 or 2 electives to complete the training requirements.

Introduction to OSHA, NIOSH, GDClause Inspections, Citations & Penalties Hazardous Materials
Means of Egress & Fire Protection Hazardous Communication
Electrical Machine Guarding
Walking & Working Surfaces Bloodborne Pathogens
  Personal Protective Equipment
  Safety & Health Programs


  Record Keeping
  Material Handling


III. Corporate Goals:


Help companies comply with OSHA Health & Safety requirements


Improve the safety culture and practice in the worksite


Reduce work related injuries & increase employee awareness


Decrease worker comp claims, both number and dollar


Decrease employee turnover and training costs for new employees

IV. Costs


All work books, materials and handbooks included


Presented on location during your preferred time period


Educational Certificates & OSHA Course Completion Cards issued


* All of our programs can be custom designed for all needs.
Please call or email us for further questions and/or designs.