Ergonomics Training Programs:
Seminars & Webinars

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Practical and interactive session which addresses how back injuries occur and how they can be prevented.  Participants identify daily risk factors they experience and learn strategies for safer lifting, pushing/pulling, carrying.  As location permits, simulation of job tasks with jobsite tools can be performed.  Practicing and problem-solving how to reduce risk factors is a major component of this session.  Equipment, tools, technique and body mechanics are addressed for injury prevention.  Task specific exercises are incorporated.  


Customized to office, laboratory, material handling and other work settings – this interactive seminar engages employees to understand the anatomy of injuries and how to prevent them, to identify risk factors for the tasks they perform, and to problem solve how to reduce them and improve employee well-being.  Simulation of job tasks are incorporated to ensure practical learning.  Employees are able to make immediate improvements.


These programs are customized to the corporate objectives for the trainers’ roles, ranging in length from 1 day to 1 week.  Various training topics can be selected from a menu of topics based on the responsibilities given to the trainers.  Topics may include: elements of a successful onsite ergonomics program, anatomy of musculoskeletal injuries and how they occur, injury prevention concepts, effective selection and use of analysis tools, workplace controls, ergonomic furniture/equipment selection, preventative exercises, risk factor identification, training techniques, report summary writing, monthly, quarterly, annual tracking, ADA, along with a wealth of resources.  Semi-annual training is offered to ensure skill level proficiency continues and to address issues experienced by trainers.

work at home strategies

Studies have shown an increase in neck, shoulder, and back discomfort while working from home, proving that arranging a home workstation is not intuitive.  These webinars offer a practical tool in reducing injuries, improving employee wellness and increasing productivity.  Employees don’t have the same setup at home as they do in the office, resulting in awkward postures (kitchen table, sofa, bed) and poor ergonomics which promote discomfort.  These webinars address practical, how-to’s that employees can implement immediately to improve their home set-ups.  In addition to the physical components, safety and cognitive strategies are shared to improve employee well-being.

management training: benefits & costs

An interactive and motivational session which addresses company goals and the ergonomic process is key to running an effective program.  The ergonomic pyramid of successful components for an onsite program will be addressed.  The roles and responsibilities of team members: supervisors, occupational health, safety, facilities, IT, and employees will be developed.  Case studies, best practices, and resources will be shared to create a strong business model.

customized programs

These programs can be held onsite or given virtually on multiple platforms.  They can be offered company-wide, tailored for particular job tasks or specific departments.  Ask about multiple language capabilities.

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