Workplace Risk Assessment

jobsite analysis

Review job descriptions, duties, skills, work environment, and equipment. Identify risk factors and physical requirements. Obtain qualitative data from employee interviews, work flow observations, and quantitative measurements from injury logs and current analysis tools. Document recommended action plan of ergonomic controls (solutions) to eliminate or reduce each risk factor.

Individual workstation analysis

Individualized assessment incorporating anthropometrics, employee concerns, and medical considerations. Identification of personal, postural, and worksite risk factors. Corrections made on-the-spot to the workstation. Review of chair adjustments, worksurface height, keyboard & input device placement and type, monitor positioning, glare & lighting, individual posture and techniques as well equipment and tool placement. Personalized tips, exercises, and training provided. These can be performed in-person or virtual for proactive injury prevention or reactive employee discomfort and during new employee orientation or departmental moves.

ADA & Return to Work Analysis

Ensure compliance with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Assist employers in identifying and accommodating unique and individualized needs for both short and long term disabilities.

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